Tailor-made solutions

Our main solutions in Investment Banking & Advisory


– Business Idea: We help give formal status to a strategy plan

– Competitive Analysis: We make checks and comparisons in the competitive arenas relevant to a strategy plan

– Strategic planning: Reviewing and/or drafting of the strategy plan


– New company structure: Developing a draft of the company structure to reach the customer’s strategic and financial goals

– Investment vehicles: We provide an overview of the available investment vehicles (holdings, SGR, etc.) and advise customers on the most coherent choices to reach their financial and strategic goals

– Corporate governance guidelines: Pinpointing the principles of corporate governance that are relevant to the customer’s financial and strategic goals of the customer

Asset allocation

– Asset Allocation (strategic guidelines): Pinpointing the best methods to allocate investments based on the target. Defining the optimal debt/equity relations (leverage)

– Investment scouting: Finding targets for potential investment

– Business plan: Reviewing and/or drafting of the target’s business plans

– Benchmark: Determining the target’s relevant competitors

– Fairness Opinion and Business Opinion: Formal opinion on the target’s value and/or investment opportunities

– M&A: Assistance in buying and/or selling

– Strategic partnerships: We offer help to find strategic partners

– Asset monitoring: Annual or ad hoc assessment of value (by means of NAV and other indicators)

Fundraising & enhancement opportunities

– Disinvestment scouting: We consult our customer portfolio to find potential buyers willing to acquire the target

– Private Equity Fund: Evaluation of the potential entry of a Private Equity Fund and support of its exit

– Club Deal: Evaluation of as yet un-assessed professional investors or holdings and support the eventual finalization of such fund

– Small-cap listing on unregulated markets (such as AIM London, AIM Italia, Euronext Paris): Assess whether to float a company on an unregulated stock market

– Listing on regulated markets (such as Milano Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, other foreign stock exchanges): Assess whether to float a company on a regulated stock market

Debt fundraising

– Extension of credit lines: We provide assistance to obtain bank lines of credit

– Debt restructuring: We assist in restructuring lines of credit

Real estate enhancement

– Enhancing the value of real estate: Help in drafting an enhancement plan

– Real estate spin-offs: Outsourcing of company and/or private real estate assets to ad hoc companies, real estate funds, etc.

– Scouting of investors: Identification of investors for real estate opportunities